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the medium is the message

the medium is the message

This week at a faculty technology consortium meeting,someone joked,  “We have representatives for all the grade levels here and also the art teacher who represents “art and …….  entertainment.”   Although spoken in jest, there is an element of truth that art is regarded in our society as entertainment.  And because our culture is driven by entertainment, it is useful to incorporate media in the art classroom.  Films, animation, sound art, online interactive sites are engaging ways to teach art and social awareness while entertaining 21st century digital natives.

Here is an excerpt I found on Youtube – an interview of John Lennon given by a fourteen year old boy –  that is a good example of how media can influence young people to think about art, diversity and social change.  Imagine if our schools turned out students who ask these kinds of questions!

You can hear Yoko Ono’s voice at the end of the recording… I hated her growing up because people used to say, “Hey Yoko Ono!”  It was only after a boyfriend gave me one of her books that I began to appreciate her her artistic contributions.  I am finally able to see what a profound compliment that racial slur had been all those years.

"Burn this book after you've read it." - Yoko

“Burn this book after you’ve read it.”  – Yoko


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